Zero kilometres remaining


(note that shepherds are absent)

Feina feta.

Job jobbed.

As I’ve known for a few weeks, the 2016km challenge came to a blustery and extremely chilly end this morning.  Well, obviously I didn’t know exactly what the weather would be like but it would have been a pretty good guess.

Quite happy for it to end on Christmas Eve.  The religious festivities are to celebrate the ultimate Year Zero (though in fact as I now know, this doesn’t actually exist – the timeline goes from Dec 31st, 1BC to Jan 1st, 1AD), the story of which is of course celebrated annually this tinselly (if not snowy) night.

I was up and out shortly after 9, did mine and Sarah’s standard 6km route; along towards Birtley, right at the Barley Mow, up the hill (mega tailwind) and under the motorway to the entrance to Rickleton, back down the hill (guess what, mega headwind and freezation) to the A1 roundabout and up Blind Lane (I think) and back to Mary’s.

A long, boring trip from BCN to NCL yesterday evening.  Lots of delay and some confusion over the assigned seats, though fortunately the luggage was already out by the time our strip search at immigration (I paid extra) was done and the taxi driver was waiting and whisked us to CLS without more ado for a very late night.

This is the last blog entry, at least the last “every day” one (will probably still write entries for longer runs and key castellers events).  I will still run every day – it’s become as much a part of my daily routine as getting up and going to bed.  The Sitges half-marathon is coming up in three weeks so I’ll be building up to that, and otherwise the at-least-5km always alleviates any guilt from my curry, chocolate and beer lifestyle.

Thanks for reading for the last couple of years, have a great Christmas and New Year and best wishes for 2017.

0km remaining.  Zero.  All 2016km done.  All of them.

(1BC: using Dionysius Exiguus’ Anno Domini era, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth on 25th December (conceived on 25th March) – most modern scholars put the actual date several years earlier, which we are ignoring for the purposes of today’s blog; Emperor Augustus sends his stepson Gaius Caesar to make peace with Parthian emperor Phraates V; Ovid writes Ars Amatoria (the Art of Love), the cheeky monkey)


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