Almost done


Penultimate day of #2016km4aruk, as surely tomorrow I’ll be able to wiggle six kilometres even if my limbs have been bitten off by an army of hungry termites.

Happy to be able to run another Paseo vanilla ice-cream route, an absolutely perfectly blue sky today to go with the headwind as I ran towards the Riera.  Legs weary after yesterday’s speedy Dolce I think.

5km, 24:48.

6km remaining.

(Great Illyrian Revolt in Dalmatia and Pannonia; Quirinius conducts a census in Judea leading to a revolt led by Judas of Galilee and eventually bringing forth the Zealot movement; fire and food shortages in Rome; two-year-old Ruzi Ying becomes Han emperor after 14-year-old Ping Di dies unexpectedly)


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