Term ending


Great fun yesterday with my first chance ever to see the kids’ school Christmas show (I know, bad daddy) – just brilliant, obviously a lot of extra hard work put in by the children and teachers and it really showed through in their confidence and pride.  Later in the day it was the slightly more chaotic end-of-term skating practice/extravaganza with the surreal sight of fifty or so girls (and one boy) all dressed almost identically (red top, black trousers/tights, santa hat and plaited pigtails), whizzing round the rink (is it still a rink when it’s not ice?) challenging you to spot yours.

This morning came warm and sunny after a few days of cold and rain.  With the 2016 countdown coming to an end, I have to manage the days to make sure I’m not suddenly left with less-than-5 to go.  I had also wanted to do a farewell Dolce run, so that fitted in perfectly with my dwindling itinerary.

Bog standard, no extra lamp-post zigzagging or extra laps down Av Vinyet to make it up to eight, and with this reduction I only hit seven just around the corner so trotted slowly home after stopping the clock on a nice speedy performance with an eye on a good workout for January’s Sitges half-marathon.

7km, 31:29.

11 (yes, that’s eleven) km to go.

(Emperor Augustus abandons plans for a defensive border at the Elbe, instead choosing to add to the defenses at the Danube and Rhine;  astrology and other divinatory practices are banned in the Roman Empire, especially concerned with inquiries into anyone’s death; Satakarni becomes Andhra Emperor)



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