Much ado about goretex


The weather continued to be vile for the rest of yesterday – cold and rainy and generally bleah.  When Sarah got home I went out to check in her car for my raincoat.  Nowhere to be seen so I thought I may have left it in the fencing school in Badalona or even that it may have just slipped out of the hatchback when we got out Alexander’s sabre.  A real shame as it was a lovely jacket and a present from Sarah, but hey these things happen in the first world.

This morning I went to get something out of my little day bag and of course the bloody thing had been in there all along.  Tssssh.  The prodigal jacket.

Yes, it’s a quiet news day folks.  I went out into an overcast but, for now, dry morning to run after dropping the children at school.  Av Sofia and along to the mermaid, up the steps as you can see, dodging the waves that were crashing over the rocks.  Down to San Sebastian and up past the cemetery and around the loop before the Melia, back through town (Jesús and Parellades), down past the Santa Maria and up Calle Valencia.

5km, 23:30.

23km remaining.

(Emperor Tiberius starts to lose interest in governing after the death of his son Drusus; Lucius Aelius Sejanus begins to dominate the Senate and the emperor himself;  Liu Xui’s 19,000 insurgents defeat 450,000 of Wang Mang’s (obviously seriously dodgy) troops at the battle of Kunyang, ushering in the restoration of the Han dynasty; the only surviving work covering the world known to the Romans and Greeks at the time of Augustus, Geography, is published by Greek geographer Strabo)



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