Up unfairly early on a Sitges Sunday, dropping Rebecca off for a sunny walk into el Garraf with friends from the canalla, and taking Alexander to a 10am fencing competition in Badalona.  We had thought that he’d have a good chance of progressing further than before, but there was quite an enthusiastic turnout meaning a last-minute revision of the age split and once again he ended up as one of the younger beans in his jar.  However he still did well and put up a good performance, going in the right direction and winning half his duels.  Most importantly of course, he had a great time.

Back in Sitges and ravenous, I went out and ran along a Paseo crowded with Sitgetans taking advantage of the incredible weather while Sarah made the dinner. A little chilly (no it wasn’t, it was Shepherd’s Pie, arf arf) but the sun absolutely belting down.

5km, 24:31.

33km remaining.

(April 3rd one of the two possible dates of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth agreed upon by most scholars (the other being 7/4/30); financial crisis hits Rome, ruining many aristocratic families; rebellion of Gongsun Shu in Sichuan against Han emperor Guangwu)


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