A Spanish reindeer


Home again and a post school run run, Av Sofia and along to the Terramar and Riera.  Most people will be happy to see that as far as the Terra goes it’s looking much more ‘reno’ than ‘demo’ and there were lots of hard-hatted people working on the hotel this morning (with some rooms on the second floor sealed off – not sure if this means they are already ‘done’).

Back along Av Navarra and Passeig de Vilanova.

5km, 23:37.

43km remaining

(Start of the Roman conquest of Britain – 40,000 Romans led by Aulus Plautius defeat the Brits led by Caratacus (didn’t his court go marching by in that song by some vile paedo?) and Togodomnus in battles on the Medway and Thames; eleven British kings submit without a fight; a Kentish settlement is renamed Durovernum Cantiacorum (Canterbury); Londinium is established; Romans also annex Lycia (Southern Turkey) and control the entire Mediterranean; Vietnam becomes a Chinese province; Mark the evangelist establishes Christianity in Africa, becoming the first pope of Alexandria)


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