A decco at the deccos

Lots of cloud cover reflecting the city lights made for a bit of an eerie run through the streets this morning.  Over the canals to Nieuwezijds and into Dam, looking very festive indeed in its Christmas gladrags and massive tree.  

Along Rokin, also sporting some impressive temporary plantage, past the Nachtwacht statues on Rembrandtplein.

The Herengracht has a fabulous huge colourful lit tulip display where it joins Reguliersgracht and further along some lovely fake-3d house outlines poking out of the canal.  Up to Prinsengracht at Leidsegracht and home.

Final Xiquets practice of the year last night in Hoorn.  Again we were only about ten, but there was a photographer from the local newspaper to get some images to go with their interview with Jeffrey from the day before.  Hopefully that will drum up some interest and next year will bring some fresh blood.

5km, 25:00

48km to go

(Emperor Claudius gets senatorial permission to marry his niece Agrippina after the execution of his wife Messalina; St Paul begins his first mission; Governor of Britain Ostorius tries to disarm all Britons to the south and east of the Trent and Severn, to maintain control over the Iceni and other tribes)


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