Lovin’ your Love Action

Exactly thirty years ago today I was the only-just-living testament to “it’s not big and it’s not clever” after an eighteenth birthday night out heavily charged with pints of bitter and vodka-and-limes.  I can still smell the fumes that passed for my breath.

Not exactly reformed but definitely a few decades wiser, there were no such dramatics this morning and I was up and out into another impeccable Sitges day about 10am.  Along to the Dolce hut and back.  As a nod to those distant days, I had a listen to some Human League and was pleasantly surprised to find it still sounds ok (especially my old favourite, Being Boiled).

5km, 23:37.

68km remaining

(After being declared personal non grata by the Senate and deserted by the Praetorian Guard, Emperor Nero commits suicide by stabbing himself in the throat four miles outside Rome; an iron chain suspension bridge is constructed in China; the Gospel of Mark is written; the Dead Sea Scrolls are placed in the caves at Qumran by the Essenes)


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