Minus bloody three

Last night I braved the cold and crossed the IJ to go and see one of my favourite bands Frightened Rabbit at the Paradiso Noord.  A total contrast to the Ara Malikian concert from Saturday; both fabulous performances with one common thread being that both frontmen oozed character and presence.

This morning it is see oh el dee. Minus three on the weather app, though I pronounced it as in the title when I saw it.

Didn’t fancy going anywhere there may be exposed ground and a potential ice field so stuck pretty close to home, zigzagging through the canal ring shopping streets that run like a web between the waterways.  Back and forth as far as Leidsegracht then back via Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

5km, 25:21.

129km remaining.

(Hadrian inspects his empire at Caria and Cappadocia (modern Turkey) and Syria.  Physician, surgeon and philosopher Galen (Aelius Galenus) is born in Pergamon, Greece)


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