Yesterday evening’s initial meeting of the new Jove de Sitges committee (meet Mr Techy) meant some twisted logistics due to R’s skating class which finished at the same time the meeting was kicking off.  I picked her up and drove around the eastern part of the town for ten minutes or so trying to find somewhere to park.  It would in the end have been almost as quick to just drive home and then walk back into town, but eventually I found a spot.

This morning’s logistics meant that I needed to go and pick it up asap, so I arranged the run accordingly.  My back’s loads better (despite a twinge or two in the night) and there was no problem going out to run quite soon after getting up.  I went along Passeig de Vilanova to La Masia, down Av Navarra to the Terramar and back along the Paseo all the way to the mermaid.  Up the steps and down to San Sebastian and up the sidestreet at the end where the car was waiting for me to drive it home, slightly sweatily (me not the car, well at least not before I sat in it).

Speedy Gonzalez, surprisingly and unintentionally.

5km, 22:35.

144km remaining.

(Roman campaigns in Mauretania begin; Han dynasty Jiankang era begins; start of the reign of Kanishka in the Kushan empire (NW India))


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