Yesterday the storm did indeed come, mid-afternoon.  The sky slowly went Calvary black (plenty of warning for even the least weather-minded to get the washing in) and in the end it was literally as dark as night before the heavens opened.  Starting with bucketing rain, this soon changed to hail, some stones the size of small ping-pong balls.  That didn’t last long but the rain continued on and off for the rest of the day.

This morning by contrast is bright and crisp and clear.  Evidence of the hailstorm is abundant in the leafy streets on the way to the Paseo as small branches and carpets of leaves adorn the still-soggy pavements.

I managed to twist or pull my back while going through the pre-school motions and at first thought I might have to abandon the run until later, but I kept at it and got into a more-or-less comfortable stride eventually along a light and chilly Paseo.  Am in utter denial that it is going to ruin my day so there.

5km, 27:30.

154km remaining.

(The Antonine Wall is completed across the belt of Scotland (also see yesterday); Anicetus becomes the eleventh pope)


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