Tibidabo? Us? No chance

Sarah and I took full advantage of the kids’ end-of-castellers-season treat to Tibidabo and went straight down to the Paseo after dropping them with the rest of the canalla and the still-smiling-but-for-how-long heroic colla members who’d volunteered to monitor them for the day.  We’ll see how the smiles are when we go and pick them up at 9 this evening.

We did an elongated 8 to and fro along the whole length, running back along towards the Benapres statue to make up the distance then home up Calle Valencia.

8km, 45:29.

179km remaining.

(Abgar IX the Great becomes king of Edessa (Mesopotamia); Gogukcheon succeeds his father as king of Goguryeo (Korea); seminal Chinese Mathematical text The Nine Chapters of Mathematical Art is mentioned on two bronze standard measures, though it is thought that the text had already existed long before under different names; strong Roman activity to the north of the Danube as Marcus Aurelius drives the Marcomanni away and reinforces the border of Pannonia (eastern Austria / western Hungary/ northern Slovenia etc)


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