Back in Sitges and of course a Paseo run, albeit started off with a slight detour to Av Sofia.  Very nice to see my son and his classmates walking along the sea front as they have an excursion this morning – I waved to them as I passed but they were mostly engrossed in whatever 11 year olds are habitually engrossed in.

A bit cloudy but pretty lovely in general, no wind to speak of and I kept up a decent pace.

5km, 23:15.

187km remaining.

(Septimius Severus marries Syrian princess Julia Domna, younger sister of Julia Maesa (who will come to rule the empire later on, as eagle-eyed readers will have seen); plague hits Rome; erstwhile controllers of the Black Forest region, German tribe the Chatti are defeated by Clodius Albinus)


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