Dutch towers

40 minutes late getting up today; looked at the clock with that sinking feeling and then to my dead phone (it’s since been Lazarused).

Last night I went up to Hoorn after work to meet and train with the Xiquets de Hoorn, the first Castellers colla in the Netherlands and a very enthusiastic if small group (I think there were 9 of us in all).  Great fun though and I think it will be the start of something really good.

Route today – out through the Jordaan side streets and across to Houttuinen and the inky IJ.  Along behind CS, I realised that I was going to be finishing five too soon so took a little detour along Keizersgracht, Prinsenstraat and Tuinstraat to make it up to six.

Not as mild as yesterday but still shorts weather.

6km, 29:35.

192km remaining.

(Galen’s library destroyed in a fire; emperor Commodus’s mistress Marcia finds herself on the execution list and hires wrestler Narcissus to assassinate Commodus, ending the Antonines dynasty)


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