A pint of mild

Today’s title was going to be something like “ooh, get you in your tights” but as it’s eight degrees warmer than yesterday (it remained a truly vile weather day, cold wet and generally bleah), I couldn’t resist.

Mild due to the cloud cover and resulting rain.  It was pouring when I popped onto the balcony to set the GPS away (no repercussions from its near-death experience of a fortnight ago thankfully), but as often happens it had all but dried up by the time I emerged, ready for a soaking that was never going to come, ten minutes later for the run.

Once you’ve gone for wrapping up the legs I think it’s hard to go back to shorts and today I compromised with the running tights to keep the “rain” off.
Did one of my favourite routes, down Westerstraat and over to Nassaukade, right to Haarlemmerplein and left along Haarlemmerweg past Van Haalstraat, into the Westerpark and back along the running/cycle track to the main exit (or is it an entrance) and home along Marnixstraat.

Felt good and I kept up the pace.

5km, 24:53.

203km remaining

(Byzantium rebuilt by emperor Septimus Severus; the Portico of Octavia reconstructed in Rome; in India the Andhra empire under Vijaya crumbles into independent principalities)


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