A pint of bitter

Long and frustrating commute back to Amsterdam yesterday; nothing seriously delayed but all the parts taking just a bit longer or being a bit later than usual.  

Very slow to rouse this morning and the weather app promising no degrees at all.  Wrapped up and even put on trousers and gloves for the run and pleased I did, as it’s a bitter day here.

A meandering route, Keizersgracht and across to Droogbak, Singel to Leidsegracht and home along Prinsengracht.  Dry, dark and very very chilly.

5km, 25:53

208km remaining 

(In one of the largest naval battles in China’s history, Cao Cao is defeated by Zhou Yu and Lui Bei at the battle of Red Cliffs; Britannia is split up into two Roman divisions; Lower Britain administered from Eburacum (York) and Upper from Londinium)


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