Window in the weather 

The weather app promised no rain but it was pouring as I stepped out to spark up the GPS.  So I put on a rain jacket which naturally caused the last few drops to dry up just as I left the flat.

Up Westerstraat, right on Marnix and left at Haarlemmerplein to run alongside the Westergasfabriek.  Into Westerpark and back to the main entrance, home along Marnixstraat and back down Westerstraat, reaching home just as the rain started again.

My left hip was giving me some discomfort at the start of the route.  I ran it off but it’s aching a bit now.  Currently putting it down to end-of-castellers-season groans.  I expect there will be some points in the next couple of months when the exertions of the last nine months will come out in various niggles.  On the other hand my hip might just be about to crumble into dust, but let’s hope not.

5km, 26:33.

269km to go.

(Claudius II quells the Second Gothic Invasion around the Black Sea before travelling to Sirmium to prepare for war against the Vandals; the Heruli tribes capture Athens and cause havoc in the Aegean; Queen Zanobia conquers most of the Middle East and controls Rome’s grain supply)


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