Zombie flesh-eating GPS

A bit more googling led me to an alternative button combination to try to resuscitate my deceased timepiece.  It still didn’t work but a bit more fiddling was eventually rewarded by a chirrup and it immediately died again.  After a couple more goes I reasoned that it had probably been on all day (albeit in its undead state) so I connected it to its charger and hoped for the best.  This morning the Hallowe’en nightmare was over and it was good as new.

Another chilly, dark and dry pre-dawn run.  Out through the side streets, over Haarlemmerstraat and under the tracks to Westerdok.  Alongside the IJ, behind CS and round to Damrak, Spuistraat and the Singel.

Misjudged the distance a bit and was well short of home when the five came up, so ran along Keizersgracht to the Brouwersgracht and home across Noordermarkt to make up an extra k.

6km, 31:32.

274km remaining.

(Roman emperor Aurelian reconquers the Gallic Empire (Britain and Gaul); also reconquering the Palmyrene empire (Middle East), the Roman Empire is reunified)


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