Not exactly sweaty

“Only” minus two this morning so positively balmy compared to yesterday.

Lijnbaansgracht to Leidseplein and along to Spiegelgracht and Tweede Weteringstraat, round to Prinsengracht and home.

5km, 24:40.

124km to go.

(In a trip to Greece, emperor Hadrian is initiated in the Eleusinian Mysteries; the Scythian dynasty of Ksaharatas in Northern India is destroyed with the defeat and death of Nahapana in battle)


Minus bloody three

Last night I braved the cold and crossed the IJ to go and see one of my favourite bands Frightened Rabbit at the Paradiso Noord.  A total contrast to the Ara Malikian concert from Saturday; both fabulous performances with one common thread being that both frontmen oozed character and presence.

This morning it is see oh el dee. Minus three on the weather app, though I pronounced it as in the title when I saw it.

Didn’t fancy going anywhere there may be exposed ground and a potential ice field so stuck pretty close to home, zigzagging through the canal ring shopping streets that run like a web between the waterways.  Back and forth as far as Leidsegracht then back via Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

5km, 25:21.

129km remaining.

(Hadrian inspects his empire at Caria and Cappadocia (modern Turkey) and Syria.  Physician, surgeon and philosopher Galen (Aelius Galenus) is born in Pergamon, Greece)


A single degree promised by the weather app this morning.  A ragged night’s sleep with my back not reacting well to the change of bed.

Out into a crisp dry night.  No problems with my back despite the stiff start to the day and I set a good pace.  No braincells rubbed together on deciding the route which was just Westerstraat, Nassaukade to Leidseplein and back round the Lijnbaansgracht to Anjeliersstraat.

5km, 23:03

134km remaining 

(Free workers’ rights improved by new Roman legislation; Romans retake Jerusalem (Aelia Capitolina), repel attacks from the Alani from SE Russia and attack Jewish rebel strongholds in the mountains of Judea)


A great day yesterday; I got the chance to catch up with an old and great uni friend that I haven’t seen for almost twenty years – just lovely to take him round Sitges and show him the inside of El Cable!  Later in the evening Sarah took me to see Ara Malikian in the Viladecans Atrium.  I had no preconceptions and the experience was phenomenal and unique.  Just amazing.

We ended up having a very late night and there was no rush to get up this morning.  Unfortunately by the time I did surface, so had the weather and although I dashed out in sunshine, the rain came hard and persistent.

Av Sofia, Av Vinyet, Av Navarra then back along the Paseo.

5km, 24:20.

139km remaining

(After his death from heart failure the previous year, Hadrian’s tomb is completed and his body cremated; Marcus Aurelius becomes Caesar)


Yesterday evening’s initial meeting of the new Jove de Sitges committee (meet Mr Techy) meant some twisted logistics due to R’s skating class which finished at the same time the meeting was kicking off.  I picked her up and drove around the eastern part of the town for ten minutes or so trying to find somewhere to park.  It would in the end have been almost as quick to just drive home and then walk back into town, but eventually I found a spot.

This morning’s logistics meant that I needed to go and pick it up asap, so I arranged the run accordingly.  My back’s loads better (despite a twinge or two in the night) and there was no problem going out to run quite soon after getting up.  I went along Passeig de Vilanova to La Masia, down Av Navarra to the Terramar and back along the Paseo all the way to the mermaid.  Up the steps and down to San Sebastian and up the sidestreet at the end where the car was waiting for me to drive it home, slightly sweatily (me not the car, well at least not before I sat in it).

Speedy Gonzalez, surprisingly and unintentionally.

5km, 22:35.

144km remaining.

(Roman campaigns in Mauretania begin; Han dynasty Jiankang era begins; start of the reign of Kanishka in the Kushan empire (NW India))

Bit of a stiffy

My back was really stiff and sore when I got up this morning so no early pre- or post-school run inviting (or indeed possible).

I went at lunchtime after it had had time to adapt to verticality for a while and in fact it was fine.  It’s pretty much back (hyuk hyuk) to normal now but I feel as though it needs a bit of gentle care and some more medication, nurse!

Paseo run with Calipolis and mermaid.

5km, 25:23.

149km remaining.

(Rome’s 901st anniversary – yes a bit of a quiet one this year)


Yesterday the storm did indeed come, mid-afternoon.  The sky slowly went Calvary black (plenty of warning for even the least weather-minded to get the washing in) and in the end it was literally as dark as night before the heavens opened.  Starting with bucketing rain, this soon changed to hail, some stones the size of small ping-pong balls.  That didn’t last long but the rain continued on and off for the rest of the day.

This morning by contrast is bright and crisp and clear.  Evidence of the hailstorm is abundant in the leafy streets on the way to the Paseo as small branches and carpets of leaves adorn the still-soggy pavements.

I managed to twist or pull my back while going through the pre-school motions and at first thought I might have to abandon the run until later, but I kept at it and got into a more-or-less comfortable stride eventually along a light and chilly Paseo.  Am in utter denial that it is going to ruin my day so there.

5km, 27:30.

154km remaining.

(The Antonine Wall is completed across the belt of Scotland (also see yesterday); Anicetus becomes the eleventh pope)