Technologically bereft

I’m not sure what the ratio of GPS watch years to human years is, but whether by old age or not, it seems as though my trusty Garmin Forerunner 205 died peacefully in its sleep last night.  There was no way to get it to wake up this morning, even after the power/lap buttons squeeze, the digital equivalent of CPR.

So I just did a super-standard Nassaukade – Leidseplein – Marnixstraat run, with minor detours round the roadworks.  A chilly but dry night; yesterday’s change back to winter time not making a dent in the darkness until the dawn started to flicker during the final straight back down Anjeliersstraat.

5km, 25 mins.

280km remaining.

(Chinese Western Jin Dynasty founded by Sima Yan, ending the period of the Three Kingdoms and establishing the capital at thriving Luoyang; Gupta Empire is founded; Roman usurper Proculus is executed after Gaulish revolts are suppressed by emperor Probus)


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