Of castles and sabres


The rain came, but just a few drops while the performance was well under way.  I doubt that there was more than a couple of square metres of ground even visible in Cap de la Vila anyway with five collas doing their thing, and one of them being the Castellers de Vilafranca who came in numbers.  A lovely evening with success for the Jove de Sitges in what was little more than a warm-up for the final week of the season with our next and last performance exactly a week after yesterday’s.  I was very happy to do one of our final pilars de 4 at the end of the evening.

This morning brought a fencing contest for Alexander in Badalona.  I was going to leave the run until later on, but checking the details found that we didn’t have to leave quite as early as I thought so I had time for an Av Sofia – Mermaid – Terramar jaunt before we headed off.  Great to see my boy doing something he really loves and he’s improved massively since he was last in a contest.  He’s also gone up an age bracket too, which meant that he was one of the youngest in his category, but he did himself and us proud, didn’t get beaten heavily by anyone and even snatched a victory against one of the eventual semi-finalists.  Very happy daddy.

5km, 24:27.

330km remaining.

(Constantine the Great dedicates Constantinople after four years of building on the site of ancient Byzantium, and moves the capital there from Rome; Greek city of Tanais is devastated by the Goths)


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