Don’t rain on my tower

A novel castellers practice yesterday evening in the HQ of the Xicots de Vilafranca.  Their 8pm canalla and 10pm adults timetable meant that it was a very late night.

However Saturday goes on as ever so I was up at 9 to run before the start of the day’s logistics.  It absolutely bucketed down in the night, and was still raining pretty heavily for the whole time I was out.  It stopped suddenly about an hour ago and the sun came out as if nothing had happened and it’s still fine now.  Lots of castellers will be anxiously hoping it stays dry as we have a performance later today in Cap de la Vila with the Castellers de Vilafranca (and two other collas), and we really really don’t want it to be rained off.

Route – out along Passeig de Vilanova, down Av Navarra to the Terramar and back along the Paseo.

5km, 26:11.

335km remaining.

(Church of the Holy Sepulchre is consecrated by emperor Constantine I in Jerusalem; the Later Zhou state capital is moved to Yecheng by emperor Shi Hu)


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