Stair rods

Absolutely pelting down this morning.  It was actually quite an adrenalising wake-up to go out onto the balcony and hear the rain swishing through the leaves.  Obviously not a cause for delay or postponement, so I just wrapped up accordingly and off I splashed.

Down Anjeliersstraat to Marnixstraat and over to Nassaukade.  Along to the roadworks heaven that is Leidseplein and home along the Marnixstraat and Westerstraat.  Managed to avoid any Doctor Foster style puddles until the very last corner and squelched the final metres to the front door.

5km, 26:36.

350km left.

(Unpopular Western emperor Constans I flees towards Spain and is assassinated at Castrum Helenae (Elne); Magnentius takes the title and is much nicer to everyone regardless of which imaginary friends they talk to; usurper Nepotianus is disposed of and his head gets a guided tour of Rome)


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