The remains of a crisp, clear, moonlit night were my backdrop for this morning’s run.  Felt great, the rhythm was there, pace was up and after a couple of k’s I decided to do a six for a change.

Out down Westerstraat, over Marnixstraat and Nassaukade to van Haalstraat.  Along and left onto Haarlemmerweg and out towards the far end of the Westerpark before entering and running all the way back along the bike path to the Haarlemmerplein entrance.  Home along Marnix and Lijnbaansgracht.

6km, 28:34.

355km to go.

(Traitor general Claudius Silvanus declares himself Roman emperor – he’s murdered four weeks later on the word of general Ursicinus; the central Asian Huns drive westward into Scythia (modern Russia), overcoming and absorbing the Alans on the way)


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