Lluna Plena

No daytime run today as at 9pm we had the annual full moon run in memory of Pol Lahoz and to raise money for the children’s cancer research laboratory at Barcelona’s Sant Joan de Deu.

Lots of castellers there (tonight’s practice postponed to tomorrow evening) and a fine clear moony night after two days of rain.

I bombed down to the Paseo with cap de pinya Pau hot on my heels, along in the darkness, round the Terramar, up Av Navarra and under the tracks at IES Vinyet.  Past the design centre and across the rather muddy field then up the hill back to the rugby club.

A quick count of bodies as I finished gave me the impression that I finished about seventh or eighth – top ten anyway I think, not that it’s a competitive race of course. Yeah right.

5.3km, 22:42.

376km remaining

(Roman – Gothic war; China is divided between the former Qin in the north and Eastern Jin in the south)


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