Celebrating the invasion


So today in Spain it’s a national holiday, nay the national holiday (Fiesta Nacional de España) in which nobody works and we celebrate Columbus “discovering” the vast continent already known to the Vikings and the Chinese and populated with lots of bods all getting on with their own civilizations and without any knowledge or interest in Jesus or the vast mountain of self-righteous violence and fire that was about to be unleashed upon them in his name.  Hooray.  Pass me a balloon.

The weather fairies have turned up their noses at such nonsense and poured rain upon us today, in vast quantities.  I went out into the pluja without bothering to wait for it to stop, a good thing as it’s raining more heavily than ever now.

Down Av Sofia, along to the church, up the steps and along Platja San Sebastian,  up to the cemetery and round back through the town and home.

5km, 25:56.

386km remaining

(Armenia is split into two vassal states as part of a peace treaty between the Roman Empire and Persia; the Greuthungi (Ostrogoth predecessors) are defeated as they try to cross the Danube in order to raid the Roman garrisons on the northern side; Dao Wu Di becomes the first Northern Wei Dynasty emperor at age 15)


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