A much nicer day today; only remnants of yesterday’s climatic misery being a gusting wind and a plethora of puddles.

I went out early-lunchtime, down Av Sofia and along the blustery Paseo, round the Terramar and back.  Felt great to be running until I was plagued briefly by a stitch during the third km, kept the pace up apart from that.

5km, 24:00.

391km remaining.

(A dark year as Theodosius establishes Christianity as the official state religion.  This wouldn’t be so bad except that this leads to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria that had been founded in the 4th century BC and contained scientific parchments and literature.  Also, all non-Christian temples in the Roman Empire are destroyed including the Temple of Vesta (no more Vestal Virgins) whose Eternal Flame is extinguished, causing great displeasure among the Bangles.)


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