Yeah yeah I did a quick hut run this morning, out into an early post-rain day with threats of more showers to come (so far, and it’s six in the evening as I write this, it’s stayed surprisingly dry).

But the highlight of the day was the grape-squishing contest, better known round these here parts as el Concurs de trepitjadors de raïm.  Me, Nandu, Ona, Julia, Claudia and Sergi tried to do the Jove de Sitges proud as we squelched and squished from above (treading the grapes in the buckets so the juice goes down the little hole at the front), risked our fingers trying to keep said little hole clear from below while switching round the buckets, and squeezed the life (or rather juice) out of any lumps of grape that made it through through the grille to fill up the measuring bucket.  As I said yesterday on FB, it’s just like It’s A Knockout without the child-molesting.

Enormous fun and seriously hard teamwork, mega-rewarding when a big splurge of juice makes it down into the bucket and just hilarious to be treading from above.  We didn’t finish in the top three so we’ll just have to assume that we came fourth!

5km, 26:35.

401km remaining.

(Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius allies himself with the Huns; the Temple of Artemis near Selçuk in Ephesus is dismantled; Visigoths led by Alaric I invade northern Italy)


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