Single figures

A cloudless Amsterdam could only muster eight degrees this morning.  I toyed with the idea of not wearing shorts (to be replaced by something longer, not just naked from the waist down you understand).  In the end compromised with a double layer on top; I don’t really feel the cold in my legs that much.

Out through the side streets to the Lijnbaansgracht and along to Brouwersgracht, over to Haarlemmerstraat and through Haarlemmerplein to the Westerpark.  Along past the back of the Westergasfabriek and over the bridge to return alongside the little lake and back out the main entrance.  Home via Marnixstraat and Westerstraat.

Clear and crisp and chilly.

5km, 25:50.

421 km remaining

(Constantius joins his ineffectual brother in law Honorius as (co-) emperor Augustus of the Western Roman Empire but dies later the same year; Eastern emperor Theodosius invades Mesopotamia and starts a war with the Sassanids; Venice is founded; the Franks sack the old Roman capital Augusta Treverorum (modern Trier))


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