Inky twinkling 

Another slow boot-up, with little pleasurable anticipation of setting out into the chilly darkness.

Also a lack of ideas of where to go, so I just set off down Westerstraat and Marnixstraat with a vague intention of going through the Westerpark.  Instead I ducked under the tracks and ran out along Planciusstraat to the IJ, along the waterfront with North Amsterdam’s lights twinkling in the dark water to my left.  Through the pedestrian/cycle tunnel under CS and home via Spuistraat, Blauburgwal, Heren- and Prinsengracht.

5km, 25:54.

426 km remaining.

(Eastern Roman emperor Theodosius II orders the destruction of buildings and pagan temples at Olympia and for the statue of Zeus to be brought to Constantinople; Vandal king Gunderic becomes ruler of the Hispanic Alans (Persian nomads); Roman general Flavius Aetius begins a ten-year campaign against the Visigoths in southern Gaul)


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