Battered in battle

We turned up and we battled.  The canalla came out the worse for wear yesterday, as I watched most of the little ones hobble off the bus as we disembarked at Can Robert after a brutal Concurs de Castells in Tarragona.

Our 5de7 was descarregat (successfully constructed and de-constructed), but that happy baptism of fire in the arena was not to continue so smoothly.  The 4de8 fell, thankfully after the enxaneta had passed and so it counted as constructed (carregat).  It fell pretty hard and there was lots of ice on lots of joints.  In the moment of the fall I thought that my left arm was about to break backwards at the elbow, as it was overextended due to the weight of people falling towards me, but I managed to get it back to 180 degrees and it just ached a bit – nothing compared to the various hospital visits that were required.  We regrouped and replaced the planned 7de7 amb l’agulla with a basic 7de7 but even that fell (again, on the way down, so we got most of the points!) as nerves, tiredness and the disappointment of not completing the 4de8 took over and mistakes were made.  Rebecca fell and a frantic five minutes of searching for her ended happily in the canalla’s dressing room with a smile and cuddle and not a scratch – if only the rest of them had been so lucky.  Having said that, the news from the other parents this morning seemed to point to the fact that everyone’s more or less ok and will be back climbing high to touch the sky within a day or three.

The arena in Tarragona was a cauldron of collas, about 20 or so all putting on their best show possible for the prestige and pride of place in the final ranking.  Today the top 12 collas are making history in the same arena and I’m trying to follow the progress to see if the elusive 3de9sf is finally constructed (it’s never been done).

The (hut) run was squeezed in after getting up and putting on the coverage of the Concurs on the telly for the children to follow – they’re both (not surprisingly) pretty well-versed in the ins and out of each flavour of castell and take the tumbles in their stride.

5km, 25:03.

436km remaining.

(Kingdom of the Burgundians is destroyed by the Romans with the help of Hun mercenaries; Narbonne beseiged by Visigothic king Theodoric, ending with them gaining access to the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean)


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