To bed!

Final practice last night before today’s Concurs de Castells in Tarragona.  We nailed pretty much everything and a rousing final address from the cap de colla put me in mind of Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in The Trip: “To bed!  For tomorrow we rise at 8:30ish for those that want breakfast or fancy a quick run, then it’s about two hours’ ride to the field and so we’ll set off at 9:30 for 10, for at 12 we do battle!”, etc etc.

Up just after 9 today for the aforementioned quick run, along the Paseo to the Riera, round the back of the Terramar and gardens and home along Passeig de Vilanova.  Back in time to take my boy up to do battle in his fencing class.

5km, 24:55.

441km remaining.

(Romans driven out of Iberia (apart from the Levante) after new Suebic king Rechila invades Baetica (Andalucia) and conquers Sevilla; first Council of Orange; Atilla’s Huns take the Roman fort of Constanta (in modern Romania))


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