Technologically bereft

I’m not sure what the ratio of GPS watch years to human years is, but whether by old age or not, it seems as though my trusty Garmin Forerunner 205 died peacefully in its sleep last night.  There was no way to get it to wake up this morning, even after the power/lap buttons squeeze, the digital equivalent of CPR.

So I just did a super-standard Nassaukade – Leidseplein – Marnixstraat run, with minor detours round the roadworks.  A chilly but dry night; yesterday’s change back to winter time not making a dent in the darkness until the dawn started to flicker during the final straight back down Anjeliersstraat.

5km, 25 mins.

280km remaining.

(Chinese Western Jin Dynasty founded by Sima Yan, ending the period of the Three Kingdoms and establishing the capital at thriving Luoyang; Gupta Empire is founded; Roman usurper Proculus is executed after Gaulish revolts are suppressed by emperor Probus)


La millor colla, la 10 rural de Ribes

Yesterday evening was the last performance of the season for the Jove de Sitges, and what a performance it was, sharing Cap de la Vila with Vila de Gracia and Sants. We started with an impeccable 5de7, then an attempt at the 4de8 which got as far as dosos before being aborted, better to be safe than fill up the ambulances. As it turned out it was a great decision as the second attempt went up and came down pretty easily. It was bit twisted but who cares – utter jubilation and relief throughout the whole square, just an awesome achievement.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind after that that the final 7de7 would hold no problems, and indeed it didn’t despite the complete lack of room to push from the right direction. Confidence in castells is everything.

The pilars were also fabulous.  Sants did a complete vano de 6 (pilar de 6 flanked by pilars of 5 and 4), the first I’ve seen.  We followed with a vano de 5, in which I had the honour of taking the part of segon on one of the 4s.  Finally, 3 pilars de 4 in which Alexander earned his Jove shirt with a flawless effort as terc with Sergi and Naila.  Huge pride all round and the celebrations were long and very happy.

All change this morning with the rural 10k run in Ribes.  Sarah decided to join me and we took it very easy round an occasionally confusing course.  Another gorgeous day though and I can feel my neck starting to burn as I type this with a beer and a butifarra.

11.3km (we got a bit lost), 73:30.

285km remaining

(Battle of the Margus – emperor Diocletian defeats emperor Carinus in Serbia; Diocletan appoints Maximian to rank of Caesar and sends him to quell peasant revolts in Gaul)

Summer II

Another gorgeous day here (apologies for anyone reading this where the weather is totally vile).

Out at 9 for a Passeig de Vilanova, Vinyet, Av Navarra, Terramar, Paseo, Av Sofia run, very nice indeed.

5km, 24:19.

296km remaining.

(Constantius Chlorus reconquers Britain and rebuilds Eboracum (York), Londinium and Verulamium (St Albans); Emperor Diocletian’s son in law Galerius invades Mesopotamia but is defeated outside Ctesiphon by Persian king Narseh)



Compared with the heavy cloud and dullness of the last couple of days, we’re gone from autumn back to summer again today.  Bright and clear and blue and yummy!  I’m even hoping to get some washing dry today.

A slightly changed Paseo run – along to the Terramar then back to the Fragata, home up Av Sofia.

5km, 23:36.

301km remaining.

(Misguided new anti-inflation laws introduced by emperor Diocletian increase economic pressure by flooding the market with new coinage and setting price limits too low; new roads built in the Eastern Roman Empire; Armenia becomes the first nation to adopt Christianity; Republic of San Marino is established)



A long time since I’ve done a Dolce run – Sarah did one at the weekend and inspired me to follow suit today.  Almost scared off by the blackest of black clouds to the north (not done justice in the photo), but it stayed dry for me.

Still quite warm and no wind, so nice to be running.

8km, 38:33.

306km remaining.

(End of the War of the Eight Princes in China; Constantius Chlorus and his son, future emperor Constantine, whop the Picts north of Hadrian’s Wall)


A lunchtime Paseo run in a mild, dry but overcast Sitges; dull grey sky made short work of the optimistic sunglasses.

5km, 23:41.

314km remaining.

(Constantine the Great defeats Licinius in the Battle of Cibalae; consulting a magician is declared a sin worth five years of penance at the Synod of Ancyra)


After yesterday’s Indian summer, we’re very much back into late-October today.  Raining on and off but still very mild.

Dashed out amid work and logistics and decided to do some uphill work, as I’ve done far too many easy Paseo runs lately.  Up to the Rugby Club, along to the broken heart roundabout and up to Santa Barbera.  Down the surprisingly un-yukky path behind Can Pei and out at Maria Osso, over the tracks and home.

6km, 29:02.

319km remaining.

(Roman slave families are protected from being split up in a new law from Constantine the Great; Chandragupta I becomes king of the Gupta Empire)