Twenty-one months

A couple of castellers-free evenings and the chance for an early night was not missed yesterday; everyone quite well rested this morning, including me, so I thought I’d go and run straight after dropping the wee ones at school.

A lovely morning, hardly a cloud in the sky or breath in the wind.  A vanilla Paseo run on the last day of my 21st month.

5km, 24:02.

446 km remaining.

(King Vortigern of the Britons & Anglo Saxons appeal to the Roman head honcho in Gaul for help against the Picts and Irish – Flavius Aetius, however, has enough on his hands with Atilla the Hun and declines; the Welsh Cor Tewdws is burnt down by Irish pirates; the Chinese Northern Wei dynasty begins persecuting Buddhists as too many bods sitting around trying to get to Nirvana isn’t good for the economy)


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