Out on a whim


Excellent Jove practice last night.  Short, focused and very much to the point, some brilliant work done by all.  Rebecca tested her daddy’s nerves to the limit and practiced the 2de7 (2de6 net) and even went up the 4d7 net (a 4de8 without the pinya) without a murmur.  More tonight!

This morning I decided on an impulse to nip out and run as soon as the family had left for school/work.  Down Av Sofia and along to the mermaid stone, back along towards the Terramar on an idyllic late summer’s morning.  Felt great to be out and I kept up the pace.

5km, 23:35.

463km to go.

(Japanese Emperor Yuryaku tranfers Kibi Tasa to Mimana in order to seize his lovely wife as a concubine, and inadvertently triggers the Kibi Clan rebellion; civil war in Galicia over the Surbi kingship)


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