Autumn on hold

The Dutch Indian summer continues.  Still shorts and t-shirt weather even at 6 in the morning (ok yes only if you’re going running).

Left on the Prinsengracht, round Brouwersgracht and along Keizersgracht as far as Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, then back along the PG.  A quick diversion through the canal ring side streets and back up Raadhiusstraat once I’d worked out there was going to be a bit of a shortfall in distance.

5km, 26:00.

493km remaining.

(Odoacer, king of Italy, surrenders to Theodoric the Great who goes on to unite the country and establish alliances with the Franks, Burgundians, Visigoths and Vandals. His Ostrogothic Kingdom effectivelyffectiv ends the power of the Roman Empire in Italy.  Odoacer is assassinated by being sliced in half in full view of the guests at a banquet held by Theodoric)


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