Very slow reboot this morning, but somehow I find myself typing this out on the same time metro as yesterday.  I must have slipped through a wormhole at some point.

Decided on a new route – very simple, just out towards CS but continuing east along Prins Hendrikkade as far as half the 5k would take me.  Very nice pre-dawn shimmerings on the IJ as it took me out to the Scheepvaartmuseum.  I darted back and forth across the road to avoid the maintenance works blocking the northern pavement.

5km, 25:24.

498km remaining.

(Anastasius I abolishes trader tax across the Byzantine empire and reforms the monetary system, replacing Roman with Greek numerals; Sassanid Persian king Djamasp is re-usurped by his brother Khavad I who returns from exile; fisticuffs in Catholicism as Laurentius is elected (anti)pope in opposition to the new official pope Symmachus)


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