We got back from Sevilla and raced straight from the airport over to Vilafranca yesterday evening in time to take part in the last chapters of the Jove de Sitges’ performance over there; felt like ages since the last one I was in (about three weeks) but this week there’s Santa Tecla and another visit to Vilafranca, so I’ll get my fill I’m sure.

Today is another travelling day for me.  No great rush to get up and out but we both did “hut” runs during the morning.  A lovely day, quite crisp after some rain in the night but still summery.

5km, 25:08.

508km remaining.

(Cold winter in England, all the rivers freeze for two months; Clovis I recognized by the Byzantine empire as king of Gaul – he fails to take Carcassonne and establishes Lutetia (Paris) as his capital, he is also driven out of Provence by the Ostrogoths)


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