Longer legs needed

Back to castellers last night – due to travels and work, in fact the only practice that I’ll be able to make before the Santa Tecla celebrations later in the month.  A slightly worryingly low turnout given the ambitions for the end of the season; hopefully the word will spread and we’ll be filling the Palau again very soon.

A rainy night and overcast morning with occasional showers.  All clear by lunchtime though and I did another run along the Paseo with some happy campers on the almost-deserted beach in the post-rain clearer air.  I tried to concentrate on lengthening my stride a bit to see if I can speed up any more.  I think I’ll have to go back to intervals to see what improvements can be done to these old legs (spot the post-PB hangover).  A lot less residual aching from the GNR though, almost back to normal today.

5km, 24:58.

529km remaining.

(Byzantines defeat Samaritan revolt with the aid of the Ghassanids – the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is destroyed; Emperor Justinian I issues his code of civil laws (Codex Justinianus) in order to try to quell the rising unrest; on the other hand, the aforementioned J-boy closes down Plato’s Academy in Athens (open since 387BC) on charges of un-Christian activities *sigh* and the remaining professors emigrate to Persia and Syria; end of the Age of Antiquity)


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