Just beyond Happy Street, turning into Contentment Avenue and left onto Bliss Square, is sitting in the front patio with Sarah, mozzie coil smoke drifting up my nose, sipping on an ice-cold iberian lager and talking about the week to come.

Such was my world by about 11:30 last night after our pretty pain-free (apart from the obvious thighs/buttocks/ankles) trip back from England.  Also, the children went back to school this morning after their marathon summer hols, so normality is more or less back.

My thighs are still knacking of course, but less than yesterday and hopefully more than tomorrow.  I did a homecoming vanilla Paseo run (evidence in the photo) and tuning out the pain it was great to be back on the familiar stretch.  Sun, heat, you name it.  Fab.

5km, 27:22.

534km remaining.

(The Vandals under King Gelimer surrender to Byzantine general Belisarius, ending the Vandal Kingdom – the general is awarded the celebration of the first non-imperial Roman Triumph for over 500 years; Toledo becomes the capital of the Visigothic kingdom in Iberia; end of the kingdom of Burgundy)


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