One big ache

Sore thighs this morning, very stiff – apparently it would have been better for me to have had an ice bath after yesterday’s race.  However, as the popular saying goes, bugger that for a lark.

A travelling day today and we may not get home until 10pm or later, so the only option for the run was to suck it up and get it done.  Sarah sweetened the pill considerably by coming with me, and with her aches and my thighs we were a good match and it was great to have her run with me.

Down towards the Chester-le-Street park and a wince-laden jog next to the river, a lovely day for a pleasant run if only that was what it had been.  Ouch.

5km, 30:28.

539km remaining.

(Goths and Burgundians recapture Meliolanum (Milan) after a long seige.  They spare the surrendering Byzantine forces but massacre the 300,000 population and destroy the city, which seems a bit harsh; Antioch struck by an earthquake)


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