Don’t underestimate the stretch 

I wasn’t really expecting to be able to run this morning, thought that I might have to leave it until the evening.  All that stretching after yesterday’s 17k must have paid off however and I felt bright and rested when the alarm pinged.

No need for heroics or any chance of getting lost again though; an utterly bog standard 5k out along the Marnixstraat to Leidseplein and back along Nassaukade.

Streetlights just flicking off as I got home, another cloudless morning.

5km, 26:45.

575km remaining.

(Sigibert I of Austrasia is assassinated while being crowned king of Neustria; Liuvigild’s Visigoths invade the Seubian kingdom in northern Spain; ownership of the Sisters of Mercy’s “Alice” 12 inch no longer required as marriage is permitted between goths and non-goths in the Visigothic kingdom)


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