A Sunday lunchtime Amsterdam run after a cultural morning’s trip to see some classical music at the Concertgebouw.  Lovely venue and great concert, the music was great and best of all the children seemed to enjoy the experience.

All ravenous by the time we’d got home but a quick snack was enough to give me a bit of energy and I was keen to get the run out of the way rather than leave it until the evening.

A simple jog out to de Baarsjes and the near side of Erasmuspark.  Turned round at 2.5km but will definitely head back there for a longer run in the week.  I got a sunny slot but we’ve also had wind and rain today.

5km, 26:47.

607km remaining.

(Visigoths, Austrasians, Neustrians and Lombards form an alliance against king Theuderic II of Burgundy; General Gao Jiong is beheaded after criticizing Sui emperor Yangdi)


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