Slow satellites 

Saturday morning in Amsterdam, the GPS watch also making a lazy start and delaying me with its “locating satellites” hijinks, even though I’ve been using it here all week without issues.

Ran out through the Jordaan at about 10, zigzagging through towards Driehoekstraat and across the Brouwersgracht, over Marnixstraat and Haarlemmerweg to Westerpark.  Through and alongside the Westergasfabriek, past a couple of Saturday morning exercise groups and along the side of the little lake and out of the park by the same entrance.  Home along the Brouwersgracht.

5km, 26:04

612km remaining.

(After succeeding Gundemar as king of the Visigoths, Sisebut begins a campaign against the residual Byzantine power in Spania; Sui emperor Yangdi invades Goguryeo (Korea) with a force of over one million men – 300,000 of which are lost at the battle of Salsu)


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