Relaxing before the rushhour

A novel day of working from the apartment so with no commute to negotiate there was no need to get up before the dawn; the snooze button was repeatedly jabbed and I eventually got myself out about an hour behind the normal schedule.

More light, more people about.  Ran past a couple sitting, relaxing at a table placed outside their front door and wondered why, if all you were going to do was drag a table and chairs into the street and plonk yourself down, you’d do it at seven in the morning?  “Sooner we’re up and out there love, sooner we can start relaxing.”  Does not compute.

Ran along Lijnbaans and across to Nassaukade and to the sidestreets beyond, so the area bordered by Hugo de Grootstraat, van Haalstraat and Harlemmerweg.  Just mooching up and down streets as the fancy took me with no real plan except to not push it over the 5k.  The knee feels absolutely fine so I’m hoping/assuming it’s nothing, but will keep to short runs for the next day or three just in case.

5km, 26:22.

617km remaining.

(The Byzantine emperor Heraclius buys off the invading Persians with a promise of an annual tribute of 1.000 talents of gold and silver, leaving the Persian leader, Shahin Vahmanzadegan, free to concentrate on the invasion of Egypt; the Avars try to capture Heraclius but are betrayed, and sack Thrace instead; Li Yuan precipitates the beginning of the end of the Chinese Sui dynasty, defeating penultimate emperor Yangdi’s forces at the Fen River and taking the capital, Chang’an (Xi’an) – Li will later become the first Tang emperor.)


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