Niner, knee grinder

Unequivocally dark this September morning.  A five-minute boot-up before staggering out into the pre-dawn.  Warm and muggy.

Out along Nassaukade, with a bit of a GNR preparation planning meeting going on in my head.  The vote went to a 10k today, a shorter one tomorrow and a 16-18 on Tuesday next week to get me up to half-marathon distance for the 11th.

So, I headed to the Vondelpark.  Shortly after entering I noticed a bit of a tightness in my right knee (back and left side).  Not actually painful but definitely not normal, so I decided I’d cut this run short to not push it too much.  Took a side path which I thought would spit me out almost immediately at the film museum, but it turned out to be a bit of a mystery tour through the park’s innards.  In fact I came out onto the long straight on the northern side, having only saved myself one km rather than the three I was hoping for.  No matter, the knee loosened up again on the way home and I ended up with a very respectable 9k time, considering that I was unbreakfasted and just starting the day.

It feels ok now.  I’ll stick the peas on it later if it stiffens up.

9km, 44:25.

622km to go.

(Muhammed establishes the Quba Mosque and drafts the Constitution of Medina; Byzantines recapture Anatolia from the Persians)


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