Twenty-one months

A couple of castellers-free evenings and the chance for an early night was not missed yesterday; everyone quite well rested this morning, including me, so I thought I’d go and run straight after dropping the wee ones at school.

A lovely morning, hardly a cloud in the sky or breath in the wind.  A vanilla Paseo run on the last day of my 21st month.

5km, 24:02.

446 km remaining.

(King Vortigern of the Britons & Anglo Saxons appeal to the Roman head honcho in Gaul for help against the Picts and Irish – Flavius Aetius, however, has enough on his hands with Atilla the Hun and declines; the Welsh Cor Tewdws is burnt down by Irish pirates; the Chinese Northern Wei dynasty begins persecuting Buddhists as too many bods sitting around trying to get to Nirvana isn’t good for the economy)


Those cheeky Huns

A quick, earlyish lunchtime run to fit in with some logistics today.  Down Av Sofia, along to the Terramar hotel and gardens, and back zigzagging along via Avs Navarra & Vinyet.

Another lovely late summer day, about 25 degrees and nary a breath.

5km, 24:35.

451km remaining.

(Atilla and his Huns rampage through Germany and Belgica before turning south into Gaul.  They manage to lay waste to Metz, Strasbourg, Worms, Mainz, Trier, Cologne, Reims, Tournai, Cambrai, Amiens and Beauvais; as a result of the Council of Chalcedon, the Oriental Orthodox churches (eventually) separate from the RC church)

Genolls junts

Another successful practice yesterday at the Palau, so much so that it’s been decided that we will take the 4de8 outside Sitges this weekend for the first time in the Jove’s history.  Also historic was Alexander’s first pilar de 4 which was accompanied by “moltes felicitats” sung by the colla for his birthday.  Very lovely and he did a good job at terc with Dani V as segon and Sergi as enxaneta.  He just needs to remember to keep those little knees together the whole time and he’ll be golden.

A lovely day today in sizzling late-September Sitges.  I went up Av Sofia to the spike and changed my mind on the route – I was going to go up to Santa Barbera and down behind Can Pei, but decided to run through Poble Sec and over to the Melia and Aiguadolc instead, which is indeed what I did.  Lovely to run back along the coast path to the cemetery and San Sebastian and home via the Fragata and Av Sofia.

7km, 34:53.

456km remaining.

(Eastern and Western Roman empires battling with the Vandals – Western emperor Avitus is effectively usurped by general Ricimer; the Visigoths, aided by Burgundians, Franks and Goths, wage war on the Suemi in Spain and sack their capital, Braga (modern Portugal); many British nobles are massacred by the Anglo-Saxons at an, ahem, Anglo-Saxon hosted peace conference at Stonehenge)

Out on a whim


Excellent Jove practice last night.  Short, focused and very much to the point, some brilliant work done by all.  Rebecca tested her daddy’s nerves to the limit and practiced the 2de7 (2de6 net) and even went up the 4d7 net (a 4de8 without the pinya) without a murmur.  More tonight!

This morning I decided on an impulse to nip out and run as soon as the family had left for school/work.  Down Av Sofia and along to the mermaid stone, back along towards the Terramar on an idyllic late summer’s morning.  Felt great to be out and I kept up the pace.

5km, 23:35.

463km to go.

(Japanese Emperor Yuryaku tranfers Kibi Tasa to Mimana in order to seize his lovely wife as a concubine, and inadvertently triggers the Kibi Clan rebellion; civil war in Galicia over the Surbi kingship)


Almost an ordinary Monday except for the extraordinarily wonderful occasion that is my boy’s birthday.

A very busy morning meant it was after two before I got chance to go out to run.  A vanilla flavoured Paseo jaunt with just a fraction of yesterday’s winds blowing.

5km, 24:34.

468km remaining.

(Leo (Eastern Roman Emperor) and Anthemius (his Western counterpart) throw everything they have at the Vandals, who defeat the Romans near Carthage and retake Sicily after initially losing it to Marcellinus; Dengizich, son of Atilla the Hun, is killed by the Romans at the Utus River; Pope Hilarius dies, I’m not even making this up)

Black and white

Yesterday evening’s Jove performance in Cap de la Vila was a bit of a ‘mare.  We got everything up and down (eventually) but it was a big struggle and not particularly pretty to watch I’m sure. 

This lunchtime in Vilafranca however we were a different colla. Relaxed, elegant and we threw up the three castells and brought them down with panache.

Following the performance was my boy’s birthday party so I eventually went out to run about 8 as the storm approached – it blew me along to the patos and blew in my face all the way back.

5km, 26:47.

473km remaining.

(Visigoths under Euric conquer Arles and Marseille after being defeated in Italy; Gundobad becomes king of the Burgundians)

The ups and downs of the ups and downs

A full day yesterday as expected.  The Jove did our performance in the Placa de l’Ajuntament with one big surprise for me; I got to go up in the 4de6 while Rebecca was aixecadora.  Unforgettable experience and I tried to soak in the atmosphere, the gralles and thankfully Sarah’s mum’s friend Margaret was even recording it on her phone!

Later in the afternoon, with the threat of rain clear in the sky, we took a pilar de 4 up and down the steps of the Baluard.  The concentration and hard work paid off until we got to the last step on the descent, and the pilar fell.  Huge waves of emotion flooded through the colla and the people of the town who were watching.  Sergi (segon) and Zoe (terc) were distraught after getting so close. The pilar was reconstructed on the bottom step and successfully completed the route.  An outpouring of affection and respect for the Jove and a (largely choked) chant from the colla.  Heady stuff.

Sarah and I hung around for a while as the procession started from the church, and on the way home the first few drops of rain fell, to be replaced by a hundred million more as the thunderclaps and lightning zinged and the downpour plastered our t-shirts to our skin and froze our bones.  Sarah’s plan to nip out for a quick run evaporated and soon afterwards we heard that the pilar for the return of Santa Tecla to the chuch wouldn’t be going ahead, and that the procession had been shortened.

This morning the air was clear and the sun is trying to shine.  We went out for a quick hut run at about 10; Sarah made a huge effort but is still sufferering from the aches and pulls and pains that forced her to miss the GNR.

5km, 28:11.

478km remaining.

(Emperor Zeno’s mother in law Verina tries to kill Ilius for turning against her brother Basiliscus; first Shinto shrines built in Japan; Chinese Song Dynasty ends)