Not scared of the dark 

The shift from Sitges summer to Amsterdam autumn is messing with my body clock, especially adding in the factor of always-early runs here against hardly-ever-early by the Med.  Hits me when the alarm goes off and the sky outside is still dark even though, at the moment, it’s light by the time I go out.  Having said that, the streetlights were still on by the canals today.

I felt in need of a bit of eye candy today so went along the Keizersgracht as far as Vijzelstraat and back along Prinsengracht, with a loop round the Noorderkerk at the end.

5km, 26:40

20 months of 5+ k-a-day.

631km remaining 

(King Edwin of Northumbria re-fortifies York’s city walls and builds the Anglian Tower; Samo’s Slavs defeat Dagobert’s Austrasian Franks at the battle of Wogastisburg; Sisenand overthrows his father Suintila as Visigothic ruler)


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