Better late than later

Great internal debate this morning as I woke up still terribly tired and with churning insides.  Was within an ace of either just going back to bed or getting into work extra-early with the prospect of a possible 10k run this evening (ye Great North Run approacheth, after all).

In the end did neither and just took  a bit of extra time to get myself together and out into the early streets.  As is almost always the case I felt good once I was up and out.  Did a big criss-cross of the northern Jordaan before crossing Haarlemmerplein and doing some more zigzagging through the streets of Westerpark.  Home via van Haalstraat and Anjeliersstraat.

5km, 26:26.

636km remaining.

(Chintila elected ruler of the Visigoths after the death of king Sisenand; after defeating the Byzantine forces at the battle of Yarmouk, the Muslim Arabs complete their conquest of Syria; the city of Basra is founded)


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