Waking in darkness 

In Amsterdam again.  A decent first night’s sleep for a change but still a shock to hear the alarm at 6, even more so because it was still night.  By the time I was up and out the early light meant I was at least not running in the dark.

Along Prinsengracht just past Leidsestraat, up Leidsekruisstraat and across to Max Euweplein and the top entrance to the Vondelpark.  Home along Nassaukade.

5km, 25:55.

641km remaining.

(Byzantine emperor Heraclius dies after a 31 year reign, having lost much of the empire to the Muslim Arabs.  He’s succeeded by Constantine III and Heraklonas, neither of whom see out the year (Heraklonas is exiled after Constantine dies); Prince Oswiu of Bernicia conquers Gododdin (the Old North) as far as Manau (modern Scotland); Muslim Arabs conquer Alexandria after a 14 month seige; Fustat (later Cairo) is founded)


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